April 15, 2014

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Mini Hiatus

Hi everyone! 

Things have been slowing down on my end, and I’m trying to get orders done as quickly as I can, per usual. Right now, I need to take a small break, which means completing orders are bit slower, but I will still do it bit by bit when I find the chance to. 

Tomorrow is the BAP concert, which I will be attending. Afterwards, I have to set up an appointment for my grandmother to get her eyes checked out, her left eye is going blind. And then there’s the restaurant financials I need to work out. So I’m quite busy, and I hope you guys understand what’s going on, and how much I got on my plate. But fret not, I’m getting the orders done… just… one charm a day OTL

Also, if you will be at the BAP concert in Dallas, PLEASE stop by and say hi! I love to meet fellow Charmannders <3 also you get a special coupon for your entire purchase! 

March 12, 2014

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Any Charmannders planning in attending the BAP LOE in Dallas?

I will be attending myself, and would love to meet other Charmannders, plus doing a little promoting of HKG by giving out some goodies (Matoki charms, dust plugs, whatever I could think of). I would like to get planning as early as possible, especially since I’m new to this. Any suggestions, comments, questions, please ask away!

February 27, 2014

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End of February, March coming in soon!

So exciting news on my end: Little Lilly Sushi has been OFFICIALLY named as the number 10 of the Top Ten Lists of Best New Restaurants in Texas!! TEXAS YOU GUYS. Not the Fort Worth area. Not Dallas area. Not DFW area. TEXAS. That is HUGE. Because of this, we are getting new customers, on top of that, getting more and more exposure through other social media, articles, and word of mouth. The Mondays and Tuesdays nights that are usually slow and boring are now busy and hectic. Whenever I get a chance, I do complete charms as quickly as I can, but in the end, even on my day off I get called in so I can release some of that stress from my parents. 

Because of this, and the influx of orders are slow, I am lifting the BATCH ORDERS. I just hope Charmannders and new customers alike will understand what I am going through. I can’t bear to close this shop down, as it does have potential plus it’s extra money to put towards my restaurant in renovating. 

So order whenever you like! No rush! No pressure of getting into a batch. I thank all the people here who bear with me, and reads to all these little updates.

<3 Love you guys!

February 11, 2014

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Next batch for orders: February 17, 1PM CST

I am getting close in completing MOST of the orders, so I will go ahead and open the new batch on the date and time above. Again, there are no limit in how many charms you order, and please note that I do have a busy schedule to maintain as well, and will do my best in completing orders as quickly as I can.

The number of spots I’m expecting to have is 15. I may change depending on my mood ^^ To those who order in this batch will get some goodies that is related to Valentine’s Day, as I want to make up for it~

January 9, 2014

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Happy 3rd Anniversary, HKG and Charmannders!

We have come a long, long, LONG way! 

For those who have stuck with me from the very beginning to now, thank you so much! Your constant support is really astounding. It doesn’t even matter if you are a new Charmannder or old, every Charmannder is precious to me. Without Charmannders, there wouldn’t be Handmade Kpop Goods. 

So, we are now officially open for the THIRD year, and I hope it could be just as successful as before. And I’m hoping to grow it just a bit more :) 

I love you guys~!!

(pssst, questionnaire will start at 3PM CST)

January 7, 2014

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Charmannders get ready.. First Batch will open January 10th!

(friendly reminder that I will now only do batches for orders. Information here)

The batch will have 20 spots, and those who get those 20 spots will also receive the Charmannder fan pack (phone charm, name tag sticker and sticker) + kpop silicone bracelet! I will choose the kpop group based on what you order.

I will make a post when the batch opens.

Don’t have the money to order? Do no fret. To celebrate our 3rd anniversary with HKG, I will hold a questionnaire and if you get all the answers right, you will receive the Charmannder fan pack with no cost at all!

Are you ready?

January 2, 2014

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Happy New Year Charmannders! ^_^

I hope 2013 was a good year. If not, don’t worry, there are still many years to come, as a whole life is ahead of you. Just keep your head up, and keep the negatives out of your life!! What are your resolutions? I have yet to do mine ;;

I just want to give y’all a heads up: ORDERS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW.

This will give me the time to complete other orders and hopefully by next week, I can open orders again for the NEW YEAR OF 2014!

And I’m sure y’all are already know or are assuming… I’m staying open!

More about this under cut:

Read More

November 30, 2013

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BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!! (only limited to one free charm)

Starts November 30th, Ends December 2nd 11:59PM CST.

November 23, 2013

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Update for the holidays~

You guys, it’s getting closer and closer… CHRISTMAS. I bet you are already thinking about gifts, and you should not delay in buying charms. Shipping is always a thought, and I definitely recommend the priority shipping option if you are doing the shopping last minute. 

Thanks to those who have participated in donating to the Philippines! I will add up the total and such and will make a post when I choose an organization to donate the money to :) (thus the BOGO sale ends by this post)

ALSO, Cyber Monday is coming up… For that ONE DAY ONLY, THERE WILL BE A SALE.  CHECK BACK <3 

Personal side: Everything is settled with the accident… However I’m pretty much in pain. I have gone to the chiropractor, and they are gonna put me on therapy for the next two months. Thank you for giving me messages of concern!!!

November 14, 2013

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Charmannders Unite to Help Philippines!

In the matter of hours, Typhoon Haiyan devastated parts of the central Philippines. The death toll is estimated to 2500, and thousands are without home, water and food. While our thoughts are with them, I believe we can do more. Back when HKG started, I opened a donation similar to this when Japan was in trouble, and we can be just as successful as before.


The first charm starts as low as 8 USD, and the half off will be as low as 4 USD. The “half  off” will be given to donation. Example will be buying four charms. That would be 8 USD + 4 USD + 8 USD + 4 USD = 24 USD, 8 USD will go towards donation.

There will NOT be group discounts, however half of the amount will go towards donation. Example: SHINee charms are 8 USD x 5 = 40 USD, 20 USD will go towards donation.

If you would like to make additional donations, you can! Just leave a note. This is especially for those who are only wanting to buy one charm and would also like to donate.

Those who makes a purchase over 50 USD BEFORE shipping will receive a handmade Christmas card (made by me) in December, just as a small thank you gift!

As usual, shipping stays the same, as well as the usual freebies I give out (with maybe a surprise or two).


Note: The organization I would like to donate to is still undecided. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please leave a message. If there aren’t any feedback, I will pick one from a list CNN.com provides.

Reblog to spread the word! Perfect to get started for the holiday shopping <3

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