April 20, 2014

Anonymous said: you said you were on mini hiatus for the time being, but we can still place orders right? the only difference being that they will take a little longer to process??


April 15, 2014

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Mini Hiatus

Hi everyone! 

Things have been slowing down on my end, and I’m trying to get orders done as quickly as I can, per usual. Right now, I need to take a small break, which means completing orders are bit slower, but I will still do it bit by bit when I find the chance to. 

Tomorrow is the BAP concert, which I will be attending. Afterwards, I have to set up an appointment for my grandmother to get her eyes checked out, her left eye is going blind. And then there’s the restaurant financials I need to work out. So I’m quite busy, and I hope you guys understand what’s going on, and how much I got on my plate. But fret not, I’m getting the orders done… just… one charm a day OTL

Also, if you will be at the BAP concert in Dallas, PLEASE stop by and say hi! I love to meet fellow Charmannders <3 also you get a special coupon for your entire purchase! 

April 12, 2014

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BAP Live on earth Concert Charms

Hey Ann!!

This is the BAP Matoki Set of Charms:

Always impressed when receiving charms! I was freaking out because I thought the charms would come too late and wouldn’t make it on time for my concert date in Chicago on 4/19. I received them today and I absolutely love them :DD Thanks for doing what you do Ann (:

Lots of Love, 

Tiffany, IL

April 10, 2014

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V for Boy in Luv

V for Boy in Luv

April 7, 2014

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(bad quality ipod pics OTL) My Kris charm arrived the day he made an instagram account! This is my favorite hairstyle of his and I love the details on the braids, it came out really well! And I love the sparkles on his outfit, so pretty!! The Taeyeon charm was for my sister and she loves it. Taeyeon’s hair color from this era is her favorite and it came out perfectly! The details on her outfit are pretty amazing, too.

The charms are so tiny, and it just makes them even more adorable! Don’t worry if it took a while to make them, because the wait was definitely worth it. I’ve been following your blog for about a year now and wanting to order charms, and I’m so glad I finally did. 10/10, and I will most certainly be ordering again! Thanks so much, Ann <3

(BTW the little add-in’s were so cute, we love the stickers and stationary, and the lollipop came in handy because my sister had a sore throat today.)

April 7, 2014

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BAP is coming to the US for their tour, and I thought it would be cool if I make some Matoki to sell :) I can make them as dust plugs, phone charms, keychains, and more! They are under an inch, length and width. 

Matoki charm = 5 USD
Matoki flat dust plug / dangling dust plug / phone charm / keychain = 6 USD
Matoki necklace = 8 USD
Matoki earrings (silver plated) = 12 USD
Matoki set (charms) = 25 USD
Matoki set on one keychain = 26 USD

For those who will be attending the Dallas concert, I will be attending myself, and you are more than welcome to meet up with me to pick it up! I will accept payment beforehand (PayPal only) or at the venue. (cash or credit card, as I will have Square card scanner). I will post where I will be on Tumblr so keep an eye here!
To those who just want to buy it but will not be at the Dallas concert, you can order these cuties and I will ship them out to you! Usual shipping prices apply. 

Please let me know if you have any questions~! Reblog to spread the word!

UPDATE: I will be here around the circled area for pick up orders and for those who would like to buy from 6-7! However, I will only be bringing a limited stock so it’s best if you place ahead! ^^ 

Psst, I will include each orders with a special coupon! Also, if you happen to not order, that’s okay! Just say hi and I’ll still give you a coupon with a code~

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April 3, 2014

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Handmade Matoki stamp! Rough on my first try, but still pretty good! #bap #matoki #handmadekpopgoods


Handmade Matoki stamp! Rough on my first try, but still pretty good! #bap #matoki #handmadekpopgoods

April 3, 2014

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Orders shipped (4.02)

  • Olivia H
  • Rhianna L
  • Alexis M
  • Jay Z
  • Catalina K
  • Amanda A

For those who are in the first batch: i did not include the Charmannder pack because I didn’t have the time to make it. I did, however, have your name down on a list so I can make it asap.

April 2, 2014

Anonymous said: do you like cheese?

Yes! But sadly I’m lactose intolerant OTL so i can’t have much of it…

April 2, 2014

Anonymous said: changjo is perfection /wheezes

Yeah he’s pretty hot *___*

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